Casting Class

You take a design that you create and form it out of wax. You then invest it, heat it in the oven then shoot or pour metal (gold. silver, brass, ect.) into the mold form. Clean it in water, cut the sprus off and file,  polish and it is done. We teach you all of this. And if you already have knowledge you can move at your own pace.

Fused Glass Class

In this class you will learn fusing fundamentals  while producing a finish tray of fused glass pieces.  Projects will include basic fusing, Addy opal, windows, and other techniques.  This will be achieved though a series of steps designed to build confidence in firing to produce pieces of  quality jewelry.  We also will have a huge variety of dichroic glass for you to purchase  for additional projects.

Beading Class

This is a traditional class in bead knotting and design.  The first piece uses a kit and is 16 to 18
inch knotted fresh water pearl necklace with a clasp using bead tips.  The second piece is a knotted endless piece that can be put on without a clasp.  We can also do multiple strands, attach accent pieces, make matching earrings, bracelets and more.  Addy has her GIA certification in pearl and bead stringing.

Cabbing Class

You will learn the basics of cutting cabochons. This involves taking a slab from a rock and pick out your pattern,  put it on a slab cut slab along the  lines and then do the process to form the cab into a dome then,  polish it and you have your own piece of jewelry to make what ever you feel like. We will show all different cuts and shapes.

Coming Soon – Opal Chip Classes!